Note on translations and republishing

A note on the translations

I'm studying Spanish and Spanish translation at Sydney University. I have some familiarity with the peculiarities of Cuban Spanish and political terminology but I'm not yet a qualified translator. This means you should not rely on my translations for professional or official purposes, you should get an accredited translator to check over the translation.
You'll find a link to the original text in Spanish, usually by clicking on the blue title of the post. If further information is required, such as the page number of a PDF file, this is noted in the post.

If you find errors in any of the translations please let me know so I can edit the post accordingly. If you're an accredited translator or otherwise competent and willing to check over my translations, or contribute your own translations, I'd love to hear from you.

Republishing and acknowledgement

Republishing of translations or comments in any form without permission is welcome, as long as you include the URL for the post in question and the following note of acknowledgement:

Translation by Marce Cameron
From "Cuba's Socialist Renewal" <>
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