Archive of my Cuba writings


Statist utopianism and the Cuban socialist transition (Masters thesis) December 2014 (93 pages)

Cuba's Socialist Renewal May 2010 (32 pages)


Obama’s new Cuba policy: McDonald's in Old Havana? February 2015

East Timor: Cuba "taught me to love people and be independent" November 2011

Cuba: breaking corporate power allows sustainable development September 2011

Cuba prepares for Communist Party Congress February 2011

Behind the layoffs in Cuba November 2010

Cuba moves to cut inflated payrolls October 2010

Cuba: reforms strengthen revolution July 2010

Revolutionary Cuba's elections and capitalist Australia's June 2010

Venezuela-Cuba youth and student tour June 2010

Cuba's socialist renewal: changes under Raul Castro April 2010

Cuba: beaten up, or media beat-up? April 2010

Why Obama maintains economic war on Cuba March 2010

Cuba's socialist renewal: key issues in the debate February 2010

Cuba's socialist renewal: forging a culture of debate December 2009

Cuba debates the future of socialism November 2009

Revolutionary Cuba's critical journalism October 2009

Cuba and Venezuela: one revolution August 2009

Jailed for fighting US terrorism: Free the Cuban Five! July 2009

Obama under growing pressure to lift US blockade of Cuba May 2009

Cuba's energy revolution: combating global warming April 2009

Cuba's doctors of the soul March 2009

Cuba: the force of persuasion February 2009

Cuba: towards a new society February 2009

Cuba: world demands end to US blockade November 2008

After hurricanes, Cuba demands lifting of US blockade October 2008

Cuba: police state or democracy? September 2008

Why some socialists can't see revolutions August 2008

Is Cuba a dictatorship? June 2008

Cuba after Fidel: can the revolution endure? June 2008